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Salman Khursheed of Congress won 2009 Lok Sabha Elections from Farrukhabad*
*Detailed results for 2009 elections are awaited. Please scroll down to see the statistics for 2004 Lok Sabha Elections in Farrukhabad

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2004 Elections: Votes distribution of top political parties in Farrukhabad constituency

2004 Election Results for Farrukhabad Constituency

Chandra Bhushan Singh (munnoo Babu) of SP defeated Louise Khurshid of INC by 2,745 votes in 2004 Indian elections.
Position Candidate Party Votes %ge votes
1 Chandra Bhushan Singh (munnoo Babu) SP 176,129 26.47 %
2 Louise Khurshid INC 173,384 26.06 %
3 Mukesh Rajput BJP 136,120 20.46 %
4 Nagendra Singh Shakya BSP 116,046 17.44 %
5 Swami Sacchidanand Hari Sakshi Alias Sakshi Ji Maharaj IND 41,349 6.21 %
6 Praveen AD 4,486 0.67 %
7 Ashok Kumar Pal LP(S) 4,420 0.66 %
8 Suresh Saraswat Ellayachi Wala IND 3,750 0.56 %
9 Wazid Ali IND 2,036 0.31 %
10 Vijai Swarup IND 2,035 0.31 %
11 Mohd. Usman IND 1,298 0.20 %
12 Munesh Singh IND 1,155 0.17 %
13 Rafi Ansari BNRP 1,008 0.15 %
14 Sher Singh RSBP 904 0.14 %
15 Chhatra Pal Singh IND 728 0.11 %
16 Satya Prakash Upadhyaya SAP 587 0.09 %

Latest News about Farrukhabad

Dr Zakir Husain, the third President of India, was born in Hyderabad on 8 February 1897. He came of a Pathan family settled at Qaunaganj in Farrukhabad, ...
Similarly, Congress candidate from Farrukhabad Salman Khurshid happens to be an Oxford product, Anil Kumar Srivastava of Janta Party (S) in fray from ... ...
"This election is a testimony to the fact that this country believes in unification, in clean politics, in honest politics," he said. ...
Farrukhabad: Hundreds of voter identity cards were found in a garbage heap even as the Election Commission of India is emphasizing to make available the ... ...

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2009 Election Candidates

    Candidate Party
     Rishidutt ABHM
     Subodh Gangwar AD
     Mithlesh Kumari BJP
     Ramsharan BNRP
     Dalganjan Singh Yadav BRM
     Jaiveer Singh Shakya BRPP
     Naresh Chandra Agrawal BSP
     Wazid Ali IJP
     Salman Khursheed INC
     Riyaz Ahmad IND
     Vinod Kumar IND
     Veena Kureel IND
     Suresh Chandra Saraswat Urf Elaichi Wala IND
     Om Babu JPS
     Swami Sachidanand Hari Sakshi RTKP
     Chandra Bhushan Singh Urf Munnu Babu SP

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